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Why I give

Richard Gnodde

"I give because UCT gave so much to me. It was then, and remains today, a world class institution. Throughout its history UCT has produced leaders in all aspects of society. With our help it will continue to do so. I firmly believe that UCT and its continued success is a critical pillar in helping South Africa deliver on its potential"

Abieda Abrahams

" I give to Distinguishing UCT to grow the endowment in order to provide bursaries to students in need who will not, normally, be able to afford to attend this institution. The bigger the endowed figure, the more income will be generated for these bursaries."

Paul Kumleben

"I give because I believe that if South Africa is to progress it is essential that its leading institutions thrive. I trust UCT to be one of the institutions that can both drive progress and serve as an outstanding example. I am not pleased about some of the recent events on campus, but it is particularly in times of strain that the university needs the support of those who believe in its core values and take a longer view"

Charles McGregor

"Why do we support UCT? We support the University to ensure it remains the vibrant and vital beacon that it is. We support UCT to ensure it is able to make possible access to tertiary education for all its citizens in an increasingly challenging budgetary environment. We support UCT in its endeavour to develop academic talent. We support UCT to ensure it is able to conduct vital research and remain part of that important international community. Above all, in supporting UCT, we not only celebrate the institution’s past success, but we anchor its important place in the wonderful country that South Africa is."